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Majestic Bella Italia

Majestic Bella Italia

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When in need of a gift with a grand statement, this majestic design says it all. We've included a generous selection of items as found in our Bella Italia designs and more!

Garafolo organic pasta (17.6 oz)
Paesana pasta sauce   (25 oz)
Red roasted peppers (7.24 oz)
Tuscan style crackers (6 oz)
Flavored bread sticks   (4.4 oz)
Chocolate biscotti (Box) (7 oz)
Vanilla flavored pizelles  ( 2 oz)
Anisette cookies (2)   (.35 oz)
Sclafani olive oil (8.5oz)
Sclafani balsamic vinegar (17oz)
Marinated artichoke hearts (6.5 oz)
BelGioioso Parmesan (8oz)
Toblerone chocolate bar (3.52 oz)
Citterio Genoa Salame (9 oz)

Please note: during warmer months, chocolate will be substituted with an item of equal or greater value.


Basket dimensions 21x14x4